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The Amateur Paleontologist

Just got this new idea for a future MKFRP research avenue :) Basically, on the beach near the cliffs, there is this area filled with small bits of fossils washed out from the chalk (the so-called "washout zone"). I'll make a sampling of that area, with a few control variables included (i.e. sampling area, maximum sampling depth, fossil size class, quantity of fossils). The sampling will be done by scooping washout material with a bucket & spade, bringing it home and then picking out individual fossils.


Based on the fossils collected, I'll then establish relative faunal abundances based on percentages of particular fossil groups. The results obtained from the data will hopefully help to further understanding of the paleoecology of Møns Klint.

Similar research has been done on places like Stevns Klint or Rügen, so I'd be expecting similar results for Møns Klint.


Small preliminary hypothesis: fish remains won't have reach an abundance higher than ~5%



Closeup picture of the "washout material"; taken from Meyer (2015) - "Fossilerne fra Møns Klint"

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The Amateur Paleontologist

Actually, slight change of plan.. I had somewhat forgotten about the taphonomical bias - in the "washout zone", fragile fossils (e.g. non-belemnite cephalopods and most vertebrate material) get easily eroded and disintegrated. Based on that, I'm going to still do the samplings and the quantitative measurements - but I'm going to use those results only to determine relative abundances of the more frequently occurring/less rare fossils. 

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