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Best Arizona Paleontology Websites General

DPS Ammonite

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DPS Ammonite

Here is an annotated list of my favorite Arizona paleontology websites.                                  Back to main page



Arizona Fossil Adventures by TFF member Chris Schur. link My favorite site with lots of photos of fossils and their localities.


Fruitbat's Pdf Library of Arizona paleontology literature. link Comprehensive list with links to literature available without paying or sign ups. Great resource; thanks Joe.


Defunct!    T-Rat by Ron Ratkevich. Great site for Arizona paleontology and archeology information. Lots of general directions to collecting sites.


Southern Arizona Fossils by Walt. link Lots of photos and a few videos of mostly in situ southern Arizona fossils.


Photos of Fossils by Cochise College geology instructor, Roger Weller. link Great photos of fossils, many from Arizona.


Arizona Fossils and Paleontology WebRing by Jack D. Mount. link There are lots of indexes of Arizona paleontology articles from several publications. A gem.


Arizona State Geological Map   link


The Fossil Forum Arizona Fossil Sites subsection.  link











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