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Searching marine tetrapods, offering european pleistocene mammals or handmade models

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Hello together,

I am interested in all things cetacean, but also sirenians, desmostylia,  pinnipedia or maybe marine reptiles.


What I can offer are some carpatian cave bear bones including a complete paw of which I dont know if its composite. mammut jaw fragments, big bovine and cervid skull fragments and similar stuff.

i could also offer to custom build skeletal models, although I can´t guarantee for quality or fast delivery (depending on what you may want)

I also could offer an yet unpainted (or painted, if you wish) resin model of dunkleosteus terelli, bought from dinosaur corporation.


If there is anything else you may want for your sea critters, just ask me, there is a lot of fossils that I may be able to part from.


Thinking about shipping costs trading in europe would be easier, but as a friend of mine ships a container once a year, there may be a possibility for overseas trade also.




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Sorry for the late answer.

When I look at the prices for chelotriton on the net I think I cannot offer anything adequate. besides, amphibians, though being aquatic tetrapodes, are rather not my focus of interest.

Thanks for the offer anyway!

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