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Arizona Paleontology Guide         Paleontology Guides Master Index link     

My Favorite Paleontology Resources Guide link


This is a guide to the most relevant literature, websites, photos and The Fossil Forum content relating to paleontology in Arizona. This main page is a continually updated and monitored index with links to subpages of paleontology resources. Click on links on this page to see content in the subpages. Click on link in the upper right of every subpage to go back to this main page, the index. 

This is a modest start for an important resource. I have more to add. Please contact me if you if you have any questions, suggestions or content that I should add. Feel free to send a link to this Guide to anyone that needs information about Arizona Paleontology.

Thanks to Fruitbat, Joe, for his inspiration and many of the reference citations.




Arizona Paleontology Literature by Formation & Member etc. link


Arizona Paleontology Literature by Geological Age link


Arizona Paleontology Literature by Taxonomy link

Arizona Paleontology Maps link


Arizona Paleontology Photos link









Sponges link







Arizona Paleontology Websites: General link

Arizona Paleontology Websites: Museums, School Depts., Parks & Societies link

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