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Paleontology Guides Master Index

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DPS Ammonite

Paleontology Guides Master Index


This is a master index of Paleontology Guides that will be created by TFF members that organize and annotate paleontology information on a single subject. Content and links to that content will come from TFF, the internet and personal collections. The Paleontology Guides will be created and updated by editing TFF members.


This index is a near stub and will be expanded in the future. Look for "link" next to subject for a link to a Guide.


See my Arizona Paleontology Guide as an example of a Guide link.



Paleontology Guide Master Index





Fruitbat's Pdf Library   link Best organized collection of citations and links to free paleontological literature.






North America







General USA link

Arizona link









South America




Australia (Oceania)





Geological Rock Units


Naco Formation

Redwall Formation




Geological Time Units






Dinosaur Egg Paleontology Guide - Advanced  link  Eric P’s great guide to identifying real and phony eggs.


Dinosaur Egg Paleontology Guide  - Basic  link  Eric P’s guide to fossil eggs.


Plants Petrified Wood


Mustoe, George E. 2017. Wood Petrifaction: A New View of Permineralization and Replacement. Geosciences 7, 119.

Link   Great paper about petrified wood formation in layman’s terms.



Piranha's open access papers link link


Trilobites of Ontario, Canada






Msc Topics



Fossil Prep









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Now THIS is an ambitious project!  Hopefully some of our intrepid members will take this as a hint to produce Guides for their region (or formation, etc.,etc.).  Of course, anybody who wants to venture down that trail is more than welcome to use any or all of the references in my pdf library here on TFF.  Here is a link to the Table of Contents. LINK



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The Amateur Paleontologist

Thanks for this! Looking forward to see what's going to be in the "astrobiology" section... ;) 


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