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USA Paleontology Guide

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DPS Ammonite

USA Paleontology Guide.     Paleontology Guides Master Index link


A annotated collection of paleontology information about the USA. Information covers topics that apply to all of,

or to a large region of the USA. 


See link at top of page to go back to the Paleontology Guides Master Index.


See my Arizona Paleontology Guide link as an example of what a Guide look like.


This one of many Paleontology Guides that will be created by TFF members that organize and annotate paleontology information on a single subject. Content and links to that content will come from TFF, the internet and personal collections. The Paleontology Guides will be created and updated by editing TFF members.


This index is a near stub and will be expanded in the future. Look for "link" next to subject for a link to a Guide.



USA Paleontology Guide



Fruitbats pdfs link See Joe's awesome collection of free literature. He is a major inspiration for the Paleontology Guides project.



Geology and Paleontology Societies


State Geology Surveys link












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