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Fossils Near Salt Lake City?


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I will be attending a conference in Salt Lake City from Oct. 11 thru Oct. 17. Are there any places to collect within a couple hours drive time from there? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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u-dig trilobites in delta. about 2.5 hrs away

fossilsafari.com 2 hours kemmerer wyoming fossil fish

there are many many others as well


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Guest N.AL.hunter

The County where Delta is (starts with an M, I think) has a really good free brochure you can pick up that gives directions to several spots, including U-Dig (and remember that there are trilos all over the area around the pay site that are free). I also suggest, if possible, visiting Topaz Mountain for free Topaz collecting, it is a blast there. Worth the stop. Will need small sledge and some chisels for getting to the Champagne colored ones, but there are plenty of clear ones laying all over the ground.

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I'll also be visiting Utah soon. I already am planning on going to Topaz Mountain and Kemmerer and I recently bought a box of shale from U-Dig. I'm looking for some places such as roadcuts in Utah and Wyoming. I've only got a few days for the trip so I can't be looking for obscure places or more than an hour from Salt Lake or Yellowstone which is where I'll be staying.

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