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Hi all, I just got this tooth from Tolman Bridge area of Alberta. That area falls within Edmonton Group supposedly.


I believe it's a hadrosaur maxillary tooth. Any idea what kinda hadrosaur it could be?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Andy, nice looking tooth! Teeth with the denticlez like that are hard to find from North America. Don’t believe it can be narrowed down just like most other cases with several hadrosaurs in the area. Haven’t heard of denticle shape and size varying between species.

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Lovely tooth! :)

Love the denticles on this one. 

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Very nice indeed.


The teeth do vary a bit between Hadrosaurs. These don't seem to be the best illustrations, but it gives an indication.



Parasaurolophus, pretty clear denticles.



Undefined Lambeosaurinae. The edges seem pretty smooth.



Probrachylophosaurus. Hard to tell from this photo. But the edges seem fairly smooth.



Undefined Saurolophinae. Smooth edges.


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Hi Frank, you were away when I made this thread. May I have your thoughts on this? Thanks

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Oh I've collected the Tolman bridge, nice area, its the Horseshoe Canyon Formation.  Your strong center ridge tells me its a dentary tooth if I compare it to those in my Edmontosaurus maxillas.


Horner describes Two Medicine Fm  hadro teeth with Big denticles as Gryposaurus dentary teeth see photo.



Nothing that is currently described from the HCF that would fit this tooth morphology.  I would call it "cf Gryposaurus"  Nice tooth.

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