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Great Series of Lectures About Snowball Earth, Cryogenian, Including Its Paleobiology


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Belo are a great series of lectures (2016) that summarizes what is known and unknown about the Cryogenian.


Earth Dynamics Research Group

CCFS sponsored short course on Snowball Earth



Snowball Earth Lecture 1 - Snowball geology

Earth Dynamics Research Group



Snowball Earth Lecture 2 - Snowball climate dynamics

Earth Dynamics Research Group



Snowball Earth Lecture 3 - Snowball geochemistry

Earth Dynamics Research Group



Snowball Earth Lectures 4&5 - Snowball geobiology & The origin of Laurentia

Earth Dynamics Research Group



Snowball Earth Lecture 6 - The Great Oxidation Event and a Siderian snowball earth

Earth Dynamics Research Group





Paul H.

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