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Plans for the 3rd Møns Klint Fossil Excavation

The Amateur Paleontologist

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The Amateur Paleontologist

Nowadays, I'm mostly focused on preparing for my high school finals.

But in my free time... Well I started to plan the 3rd Møns Klint Fossil Excavation (MKFE), as part of the larger Møns Klint Fossil Research Program.

This field session has been planned for mid-August, and will last about 2 weeks - needless to say, I'm pretty excited :D Especially when considering the success of the 2nd MKFE...

Collection policy will remain mostly the same as last time, meaning that arthropod, cephalopod, echinoderm and vertebrate material will be the priority. Of course, there will be a slight change; with more focus on articulated/associated remains (because single, eroded fragments are becoming a bit too numerous...). 

Also, last year, when I was collecting anything significant (e.g. articulated echinoderm remains), I forgot to try and find associated zone fossils. This time, I'll remember to collect zone fossils (brachiopods and belemnites), as they can be pretty useful for determining more precisely the age of a specimen.

Of course, I'll use this field trip as an opportunity to donate to the GeoCenter museum some of the fossils from the 2nd MKFE. 




Can't wait to go back there!! :D 




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Good luck.:)

I look forward to seeing the results of a successful mission.

And some brachiopods.:D 

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Can't wait to see the pics and the reports :popcorn:

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