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British velociraptorine claws


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I recently saw these British velociraptorine claws for sale. The smaller one is 3mm and the larger one is 5.5mm. Does anyone know what it could be and could it be nuthetes destructor (which would make it incredibly rare)?






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Like Nuthetus teeth, not sure you could identify anything from a claw like this to a species. Pretty sure Nuthetus is from Jurassic too which would not be the same age if this is from the Wadhursr Clay

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I really doubt there is anything described on these. Where in the Uk are they from? Wealden? 

They are dinosaur claws and probably from generaly very small theropods like Velociraptorines a.o but I don't think you can assigne this to a specific family, genus or species.

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Mike from North Queensland

I would like to see a good photo from the end to confirm the specimen is not hollow.

Looking at photos labelled 2 of 12 and 3 of 12 I can not tell if that is matrix filling the end of a crack or the core of the specimen.

Without seeing the end photo it could be a small crustacean.

Bellow is a claw I found a while back and this is a claw either from a birds wing or a small theropod.

Small theropod claws are found if you look through the small gravels and this one may well be.



Box 1 5 lateral view0026 (2).jpg

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