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Large unknown from Florida


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Found a large chunk of bone while fossil hunting in Florida earlier this month.  Found in a tributary to the Peace River near Arcadia.  Not sure there is enough left to get a useful identification, but figured I would post and see how it goes.  The chunk is roughly 5 x 4 x 2.5 inches, the grid underneath is quarter inch squares.



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Yep, it's a "Chunk-O-Bone" Alright!

From something big. That's probably about as far as you can go with the ID.

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Yup. Looks like Florida's answer to the west's chunk-o-saurus. Don't think there is enough distinctive features on this one to say more about a possible ID other than it was from a larger animal.






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I agree with the previous IDs, it must have been a really big animal.

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Well, I can narrow it down a wee bit. There were only so many mammals in Florida that were REALLY large enough to justify the size of this bone.. Whale verts, humerus, etc would be big enough but this is not whale..

The odds are high that this is a bone from either Mammoth or Mastodon,  Giant Sloth might be a distant 3rd option.


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