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Please Help to Identify... Tooth? Claw?


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Hello everyone, 


my name is Nolan. I'm new to the forum. 

I've never posted anything before, but now I find myself at a loss to identify my latest find. 

Any help you can give me would be really appreciated! :) 



Location: Fort Erie, Ontario.

Details: It's rough with random black spots. The item is ridged on both sides and it has a slight curve to it. The main body of the item has a different texture (see final photo).  The top has a different type of brown stone connected to it. 


The item was found by chance on a beach, on the northern side of Lake Erie, by the town of Fort Erie.

It's currently spring time and the ice is just starting to melt of the beaches. 


I've attached some photos below that should help with identifying the item. 

If you require other information or photos just let me know. 


Thank you for your time! :)







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Welcome to the Forum. :)

I don't believe the area  this is from is only old enough to not have vertebrate fossils other than fish. 




Map from HERE.


Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anything fossil about this. 

No enamel to be a tooth. 

No bone texture to be a claw or other bone.  :( 

Keep looking. 

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I agree with Tim, a piece of non fossil stone shaped by erosion.

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Geologic phenotype but keep hunting and welcome to the Forum:raindance:

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