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Odd little Hell Creek tooth


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This is an interesting tooth. It is from the Hell Creek Formation. no county was given only Montana. It is .3 cm and is serrated. It has a very interesting shape to it which i thought was similar to bird teeth but after seeing the serrations, my thought was Richardoestesia gilmorei. I am probably way off in my thinking. At the very least, I thought it was interesting enough to post here and see what other opinions are.


Any thoughts ?





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Might be a cf R. Gilmorei (cf its not described  from HC) but the serration density and compression might say no.  These teeth have very fine serrations between 5 to 10 per mm on distal edge and I dont get that sense from the photos.  The cross-section at base also does not look right not compressed snough.   So although the profile works the numbers might not and needs to be verified.  Also need a look at the mesial edge 



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