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Is this a blastoid?


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I found this on partridge point in Alpena MI in Devonian limestone and have been finding crinoids and blastoids. I’m not sure what this is. 




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I almost see the star shape of a dirty, sediment covered Cincinnaticrinus pentagonus stem. 

However, I am not seeing blastoid. 



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I agree - possible crinoid columnal. 



CFD2F770-178E-4313-B481-E7215A9FE6C5.thumb.jpeg.b849be5c68f8a9f8577faf22667dcbff.jpeg    9AD30236-D421-4E18-AE61-63F3CFAC2EAF.thumb.jpeg.6ef646bd361b5d9c12dea39b9f52ec66.jpeg

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I agree it’s probably not a blastoid. It’s actually not very covered in sediment and the end is almost bulbous when you look closely. Do you think it could be the end?

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