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Newly Discovered Human Group in Siberia 30,000 years Ago

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DPS Ammonite

It looks like the author thinks that Native Americans did not reach North America in major numbers until 20,000 years ago since, “the collection of genomes suggests the population that became the ancestors of native North Americans was the result of liaisons about 20,000 years ago between East Asians, who travelled north, and a group distantly related to the Ancient Northern Siberians.”


To confuse thing even more, I looked at the Wikipedia article about the author, Rane Willerslev. It had this obviously flawed description of his genetic background. “Willerslev was born in Gentofte north of Copenhagen as the son of the historian Richard Willerslev and the monozygotic twin of Eske Willerslev.” Eske is Rane’s identical twin brother. 

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The paper is:


Sikora, M., Pitulko, V., Sousa, V., Allentoft, M.E., 

Vinner, L., Rasmussen, S., Margaryan, A., de 

Barros Damgaard, P., de la Fuente Castro, C., 

Renaud, G. and Yang, M., 2018. The population 

history of northeastern Siberia since the 

Pleistocene. Nature, Published: 05 June 2019



Preprint at:



A New York Times' article is;


Who Were the Ancestors of Native Americans? 

A Lost People in Siberia, Scientists Say


Scientists discovered human baby teeth at a site 

on the Yana River in Siberia. The DNA they 

contained is the oldest genetic material yet 

retrieved from Siberia., Carl Zimmer, June 5, 2019



Paul H.

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