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I thought I would share this info for those in Saskatchewan, Canada, wondering about the permit required to legally collect fossils in this province. I requested information from the provincial government, and this is what I have been provided with:



A permit is required for collecting fossils in Saskatchewan. The “Palaeontological Avocational Applications” can be found here: https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/parks-culture-heritage-and-sport/heritage-conservation-and-commemoration/archaeology/palaeontological-avocational-applications


On this webpage, you will find the palaeontological permit application, as well as another form to record what you found (a Saskatchewan Palaeontological Resource Record form).

With the permit application form, the main points we need you to answer is the location(s) of where you are intending to look for fossils, what you are looking for and how you will do that – covered in section 1 and section 2 (in section 2 you can go into a lot more detail in the attached proposal). We also require you to submit a map(s) showing these proposed locations. If you are unclear about any of the information asked for in the permit application, our office can help you find out some information.


A little bit more information about our permitting process:

-          Once the application is submitted, a palaeontologist will review the information and determine if your proposed collecting locations are in conflict with other known palaeontological sites.

-          On the permit, there will be a number of Terms and Conditions regarding keeping detailed records for each specimen collected as well as what you did and observed.

-          All collected material must be submitted to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) and the RSM will retain the fossils that are scientificially important specimens. Palaeontological collections are the property of the Crown and are under the stewardship of the RSM, but a disposition certificate can be issued to you for those the RSM will not retain.


Hopefully that answers some of your questions.



So, there we have it. The link does mention that this is intended for professional paleontologists with a Master's or Phd.

For those of you that do not require a permit...I envy you.

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