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Diplodetus ? (Maastrichtian echinoid)

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Some weeks ago, I found those spatangoid echinoids in my usual Upper campanian/Lower Maastrichtian hunting zone of SE of Pyrenees:




I think they fit well with Diplodetus brevistella, as shown in http://www.echinologia.com/galeries/micrasteridae/index.html#diplodetus


But, I found no other references of Diplodetus in the Pyrenees, and hardly in distant zones of Spain, which makes me doubt (Diplodetus is a genus mostly found in Northern Europe)


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Merci beaucoup, caterpillar.


In fact, anterior paired ambulacra are longer, but not much. The problem is, maybe,  that they are all too long.

The Echinoid Directory: "(Diplodetus) Differs from Plesiaster only in having shorter petals". So, It could be a Plesiaster.

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