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Where to buy the best fossil replicas?

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I am looking to buy replicas for some fossils.


I want them to look great but I am unsure of who sales high quality replicas?


Are these guys considered good? https://www.dinosaurcorporation.com/hoskre.html  


I know bone clones is great for animal skulls, etc but is there a similar seller of fossils?


Ideally I would want to buy a sabertooth cat skull that was real but I am not sure how to spot the real thing anyway... (unless it was real bone).



Thank you



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I'm not at all interested in replicas, so I'm not familiar with any providers, but you could check out the Paleo Recreations thread. Some of our members make 3D Prints and maybe someone would be willing to make something for you.                                   

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I am a huge collector of replica fossils to enhance my collection and I do know a few dealers who make some excellent museum quality fossil replica's


My favorite by far is John Mac, he is a british paleoartist who made some of my favorite replica's. The quality he delivers is amazing and he provides good service towards his costumers.



Another very well known company that produces very good looking replica's is Triassica. I know of a few members, myself included who own their Psittacosaurus skeleton. 



Another seller you should check out if you are interested in jurassic marine life is Natural Selection Fossils, they sell a lot of genuine fossils but also make some very nice looking replica's.



Like you mentioned Bone Clones makes some amazing replica's. They mainly specialize in making replica skeletons of humans and living animals but also have a small section for extinct ones.



And another famous one that is often recommended here on the forum is the Black Hill Institute webshop, but I haven't bought one of their replica's yet.



Ofcourse they are many others, but these are the one that I know are reliable through my own experience and through the experience of others. 
I have a running topic on replica's here on the forum that features all the replica's I own and some that are owned by other members here on the forum, so feel free to check it out.


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I got my saber tooth skull replica from skulls unlimited.great customer service and communication. I have also got a few things from theprehistoricstore but their communication isn’t the best at least through email.

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Thanks all, those are some great suggestions to get me started.


@ziggycardon That is a great collection. What are they usually made out of? Clay? Resin? Plastic? 



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Most of the good ones are made out of a resin. Here’s my sabertooth skull from skulls unlimited. They do some of their own and some from boneclones and some from black hills institutes. This sabertooth they get from boneclones. 


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Past Hunter

I agree with Troodon. Sometimes I just like to look at all the cool stuff they have at TaylorMadeFossils.com. 

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Wow that must have been a newborn kitten!



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