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North Dakota's Mummified Edmontosaurus


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This was on several twitter paleo pages, posted this morning by several paleontologists.  Comments and photos are that of the of North Dakota Geological Survey's Paleontology protection program. 


2014 article



This was the old "Dakota" exhibit. It was meant to be temporary. The arm is the piece on the bottom edge. It was previously displayed with the palm up, and this side was not well prepared and wasn't exposed before.  




This is indeed a portion of "Dakota" the Dinomummy, which is part of the North Dakota State Fossil Collection. We are currently working on cleaning this specimen for a new exhibit to open Feb 2020




People were confused at exactly what they were looking at here, so we've thrown together a little guide to explain how the bones of the hand relate to the fossilized soft tissue. Yes, digit III has a large 'hoof-like' nail, and much of the hand is encased in 'mitten' of skin. What this means is that the fingers could not really move independently that much, but acted more as a single unit. The tiny pink finger (digit V) is reduced and had no nail. Note: these images are "in progress" images. More work has been completed since they were taken




Tail skin


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For hadrosaur lovers how about this hammer and sheath and it fossil Friday 



Posted by Shino Sugimoto a preparer at the ROM

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Wow, both the info on the fossil mummy and the hammer sheath.  Thank you for posting them!

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Another (partly mummified) specimen is housed in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany:


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Hey Frank nice posts and the Dino mummy is amazing. I like the hammer too.


Happy Fossil Friday and here is my contribution from my home town.

Discovery of Hadrosaur footprint over 30 years ago was first dinosaur fossil finding in Scotland . June 1982 researchers from the University of Leicester Department of Geology discovered the first ever recorded dinosaur fossil in Scotland, dating back 175 million years to the mid-Jurassic Age. They first thought it belonged to a Theropod and  later was assigned to the ‘Ornithopod’ . They could have really used TFF to help out with IDs back in the day. 




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