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Used Chicago cp9160


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I've found a used Chicago cp9160 on Amazon listed at 61.55USD. It's one of the models I've been looking at and seems useful for bulk removal of matrix. But! I can't figure out if I can set in new needle or if there are different ones like chisle shaped! Where would I get accessories (couldn't find one on what I think is Chicago's website) and what price do new needles usually run at? 


Also wondering if this is a good buy? (it's the red one if you filter for used air scribe on Amazon). Would you recommend it to a newbie with no experience? (I have plenty of air compressors so that won't be a problem). 

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This answer is from the Amazon page:




From the CP website











I would say the price is good, depending on the amount of wear and tear on the needle.  :) 


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Thank you! But seems I won't be getting it after all. It says initially it ships to Norway, but in the checkout it refuse to. I also found a review that makes me sceptical (someone's tried two of these, used on metal, where they broke in one way or the other within short time) whict tbh is surprising and not what I've heard of from other places. 

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That scribe is similar to an Aro. If you're looking for bulk removal you want something along the lines of an CP9360 or ME9100.

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