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Hi! It turns out that my property is full of fossils and I’ve decided to try to collect some. While my ultimate goal is to find a wooly mammoth tooth…I’m a realist and every little crinoid earns my fascination.

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Welcome to the Forum. :)


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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

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10 hours ago, Velvetmaggot said:

While my ultimate goal is to find a wooly mammoth tooth…I’m a realist and every little crinoid earns my fascination.

Dreams are excellent to have as long as they are tempered (just a tad) with a bit of reality. ;)


Chicago (my home town) has mostly Silurian age limestone at the surface--mile-high glaciers scraped off most of the material from more recent ages. There are pockets of "Ice Age" materials that were deposited over this limestone base so proboscideans (or at least their remains) can be found outside of Lincoln Park and Brookfield Zoos. :) These more recent finds are much more rare than the fossils that can be found in limestone exposures.






You are not far from a world class fossil site called Mazon Creek. If you go to the Field Museum you can find an excellent exhibit there displaying many of the wonderful finds from that site. If you search for the phrase "mazon creek" here on the forum you will see lots of images and discussion of this site.




Mazonia-Braidwood State Fish and Wildlife Area is an excellent place to hunt for fossils. If you have an interest in fossils, I'd suggest becoming a member of ESCONI. You'll learn a lot about local fossils and will have the opportunity to go out on group hunts. You can't go fossil hunting at Mazonia till spring as it is hunting season. For quite obvious reasons they don't want fossil hunters rustling around in the underbrush while folks are out trying to hunt for animals doing the same.







Welcome to the forum! Your unusual choice of a username makes me think of the ancient sister-group to the arthropods, the Onychophora (velvet worms).













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Welcome from Colorado

“If fossils are not "boggling" your mind then you are simply not doing it right” -Ken (digit)

"No fossil is garbage, it´s just not completely preserved” -Franz (FranzBernhard)

"With hammer in hand, the open horizon of time, and dear friends by my side, what can we not accomplish together?" -Kane (Kane)

"We are in a way conquering time, reuniting members of a long lost family" -Quincy (Opabinia Blues)

"I loved reading the trip reports, I loved the sharing, I loved the educational aspect, I loved the humor. It felt like home. It still does" -Mike (Pagurus)

“The best deal I ever got was getting accepted as a member on The Fossil Forum. Not only got an invaluable pool of knowledge, but gained a loving family as well.” -Doren (caldigger)

"it really is nice, to visit the oasis that is TFF" -Tim (fossildude19)

"Life's Good! -Adam (Tidgy's Dad)

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Welcome from Illinois.





Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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hesperornis-WELCOME-100.gif.89c4b50b872efbb4c9cbb236cb70dec9.gif     Welcome to the forum.  It looks like you have some fascinating property. Enjoy it.

Start the day with a smile and get it over with.


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Welcome from Alaska. A lot of us dream of living near a great fossil site let alone having fossil on our own property!

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Welcome to TFF:)

" We are not separate and independent entities, but like links in a chain, and we could not by any means be what we are without those who went before us and showed us the way. "

Thomas Mann

My Library

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