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Found the below small bone in the Peace River,FL this week. After searching the forum and online I believe it is a medial phalanx. It measures 14mm x 22mm. The only similar size one I found a photo of was created and posted by @Harry Pristis. The one I felt was possible was that of Archaeohippus (3 toed horse). Last spring I found an incisor from a three toed horse in the same area.

 I know @Shellseeker has done a good bit of research on these small horses and hope he can also offer an opinion.










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The breadth of my pre_Equus horse collection consists of teeth including incisors, cannon bone fragments and a few tarpals/carpals. I have found no phalanx, so I am unsure what they look like (Equus ?), but more significant the size.


Sorry, I have little to contribute.



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