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The only terrestrial reptile fossil I own: Mycterosaurus longiceps


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In my collection (about 30 fossils in total, but it's always expanding!) there is only one fossil of terrestrial reptile (but I'm saving some money to get another one soon!)
Species: Mycterosaurus longiceps

Size: 1 cm x 5 mm
Age: 280-275 mya (Lower Permian, Kungurian)
Origin: USA, Oklahoma --> Dolese Brothers Quarry --> Richard's Spur
About this fossil: one of the smallest ones in my collection, it is a partially complete caudal vertebra of Mycterosaurus longiceps. It is missing only a small piece in the upper part of the vertebra.

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This is a start! I don't have this species myself


We look forward to seeing what fossils you get next

Looking forward to meeting my fellow Singaporean collectors! Do PM me if you are a Singaporean, or an overseas fossil-collector coming here for a holiday!

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