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Hello from Oklahoma!


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Hi there!


I just found this forum while searching for information on Cervalces scotti fossils, and it looked like a really neat forum, so I wanted to join! I hail from north-central Oklahoma, and I've been a bit of a fossil fiend since I was a little kiddo. I had wanted to become a paleontologist once upon a time, but life had different ideas. Nowadays I'm a farm foreman and a freelance artist with lots of hobbies. Somewhere in my totes I have a couple trilobite fossils and an ammonite fossil I traded for a long time ago. I recently found some crinoid stem fossils near my creek, as well as a teeny-tiny piece of some sort of leg fossil, and it has quickly reignited my love for fossil-finding. I was curious about stag-moose since I seem to be in the southern range for them and, as you can probably tell by my username, I'm a bit obsessed with all things cervine. Megaloceros giganteus is my favorite prehistoric deer but stag-moose are pretty cool too! It would be an absolute dream to find something from a stag-moose one day.


Anyway, nice to meet you and I hope to see you all around!



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Welcome to the Forum. :)


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Welcome to the forum!

Fin Lover

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Welcome from the Carboniferous of Illinois.





Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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Hello drowsy, welcome to the forum from New York!


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I like Trilo-butts and I cannot lie.


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Welcome to the forum from Texas. We're glad to have you!

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