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Online discussion about how to "liberate" microfossils from undissolved sediment residue


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I was surfing through the web looking for some information and an interesting online discussion involving professional paleontologists about how process and / or disaggregate sediments for the concentration of microfossils for paleontological study. This discussion is online and open for anyone to read on Researchgate. It is:


How can I "liberate" microfossils of undissolved sediment residue?

Aleš Šoster, University of Ljubljana, August 25, 2015


What I discovered is that some paleontologists use liquid nitrogen to

extract  fossils


Remin, Z., Dubicka, Z., Kozłowska, A. and Kuchta, B., 2012. A new method of

rock disintegration and foraminiferal extraction with the use of liquid nitrogen

[LN2]. Do conventional methods lead to biased paleoecological and

paleoenviromental interpretations?. Marine Micropaleontology, 86, pp.11-14.




Paul H.

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