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Chemical prepping partial ammonite whorl


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This partial ammonite whorl was a surface find from my April 8th  trip to Cleveland, Utah. In particular, it was the one I found under the foot of the guy I was helping to lift his large Ammonite embedded in a heavy concretion to carry it to his van.


I could discern that it was chocolate brown underneath the calcite coating. I stuck some thick felt furniture leg pads on the back of it to keep from scratching my office desktop. 


Well a week later I decided to remove the coating. 


Here's the "as found" pic.




And with safety equipment including a gas filter mask,  gloves, glasses, big bowl of water, a fan and open garage door, I was ready to go at it. 


The chemical is muriatic acid for cleaning brickwork and swimming pool masonry.  

I used a toothbrush to dip into a small cup of acid next to the bowl of water. Dip, scrub, rinse repeat until I liked the results. 


First round on this section. Looks good.




Second round. Keep going! 




I'm liking it so far. 


Round three finishes that step. Then I soaked it in a bowl of water and baking soda. Several rinse cycles, a good dry time and a coat of Paraloid after that. 

Then the felt pads were reattached. And I like it a lot more than before. 








It may only be a partial whorl of an ammonite but to me it's a lot more than that. Kinda like finding a toe claw of a raptor or a big carnivore tooth. It may not be the whole enchilada...but it's enough to think about the potential of what it was complete or once was alive. 


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Nice job!  One of the few applications for acid prepping :)






''...science is eminently perfectible, and that each theory has constantly to give way to a fresh one.''

-Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne



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