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Peace River collecting


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I have an extra day between dives and would like to walk into the peace to do some screening. I have the shovel and screen. Just need help on a location. Thanks in advance. 

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Members can contact the OP via PM. Topic will be locked.

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I would like to give a General response to help those who wish to try hunting the Peace River for the 1st time. 

I promise I will not identify any specific location for hunting. 

I will not continue on this thread until you OK it.


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Sounds perfect, Jack. :) :dinothumb:

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The Peace River has been around forever.  The past couple of decades I have hunted it extensively. It has a fantastic reputation for quantities and quality of its fossils, laid down from the Miocene to the present day. 

I go out frequently (about 3 times a week, 6 hours of hunting each day). I almost always find lots of small shark teeth around 200 and some very nice differentiators.  I usually post photos of my finds and all those postings from experienced may fool people that finding fossils in the Peace River is easy for novices.. It is not.  I have at least 100 advantages over someone who has never hunted here previously. 

I have equipment tuned to success. I have Kayaks and power boats that can access any spot on the 62 mile length of the Peace River. I have a community of hunting friends who may tell of new highly productive spots they have recently found. They do that because I return the favor and never , ever, ever tell anyone else about their favorite spot.


Can you still walk into the Peace River and find fossils?   YES.. 

Walk ins are very limited.  Access points like Bridges or Campsites in Brownsville or Arcadia have been exploited by hundreds of thousands of people enjoying my river and life in general over the last 3  decades and that is a good thing.  Not a lot of fossils left there compared to OTHER PARTS OF THE RIVER.

If you are not going in at the well known access points, how are you walking to the River.  Trespassing over Private property?   That a No-no. 

If you were capable to invest the time (1-2 times a month) to investigate the River. you might be able to "walk the river" to better sites that have more fossils.  The water is low right now and you could walk with a sieve and shovel up the sides... or rent a kayak for the day. 

But that is not what you request.. One time, 1st time, no prep, inferior equipment , just walk in. 

I am an old man,  you are likely a young man. What if we both walked in at the same spot ? I have done this before. I would find at least 4-5 times the number of fossils that you do.  Why ? I have 20 years of experience.... I know the gravel, I know how to estimate how many people have dug the gravel before. I know whether to dig deep or go wide, If I find a few fossils , I follow the vein,  If I do not find fossils, I know what direction to move to find fossils.  I can even recognize fossils that you would throw away. 

So, on your request,  go find a guide who has hunted the Peace River for years !!!.. Search the Internet for "Peace River Fossil Hunting" ,  you will find lots of opportunities for $100-$200  and the very best thing is you WILL know at least one location on the Peace River where shark teeth and fossils can be found in numbers.. and you will understand the equipment to be used. and if you ask enough questions of your guide, you will have some idea of how deep to dig based on conditions at that site.  You might have to rent a Kayak the next time, to get there.. but you are young.  Walking the river may be an option. I do not do that anymore.    Jack


Anyone who hunts the Peace River, please add your thoughts but keep it general.  Any specifics into a PM.... 

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The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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Topics Merged.

I think there is enough general information here to suit.

Anything else can be shared via PM.


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