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Some kind of foot?

gerald van dijk

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I found this at Charmouth beach, UK. It does look like some kind of foot to me. Any idea?

Gerald, The Netherlands





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It's not a foot, just a strangely shaped rock. A foot would have bones that have the shapes and textures of bone fossils minus the soft tissue which rots or is eaten and very, very seldom fossilized.





Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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Cropped an brightened:













Looks like a nodule of some sort, with some iron stained matrix clinging on to it.

Not a fossilized foot.

Pretty neat mimic, but not a fossil.


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Plant material has been found preserved in bog iron that looks a little like this. Ironstone if famous for forming shapes that are just weird shapes though. 

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