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Are these Fossil Eggs


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 Here is the story, my brother for many years had said he had several Iguana-don Eggs.   Well he recently passed and when going through is place I found these.   I have zero fossil knowledge and to me they look like just rocks from a river     .   I am from the North Alabama area, but really don't know if he found these local or on a trip somewhere.   What are your thoughts?




IMG_9741 copy.jpg

IMG_9742 copy.jpg

IMG_9743 copy.jpg

IMG_9744 copy.jpg

IMG_9745 copy.jpg

IMG_9746 copy.jpg

IMG_9747 copy.jpg

IMG_9748 copy.jpg

IMG_9749 copy.jpg

IMG_9750 copy.jpg

IMG_9751 copy.jpg

IMG_9752 copy.jpg

IMG_9753 copy.jpg

IMG_9754 copy.jpg

IMG_9755 copy.jpg

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Moved to FOSSIL ID. ;)

Welcome to the Forum.  :)


Unfortunately, these look like water rounded cobbles, or geodes, and not eggs, to me.  :unsure:

Not seeing any eggshell texture. 

Not knowing where they come from muddies the waters, a bit, but I am in the NOT EGGS camp.



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