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Help plz, I’m new to this.


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From what I’ve been able to scrape up. this fossil could be from a mastodon. Mastodon fossils have been uncovered in New Mexico before. In this I added a picture of a mastodon skeleton and Highlighted the area that’s my best guess.
If anyone could offer me some advice or info I’d greatly app it.




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Location found ( County) would be helpful for dating your find.

Also size in CM or Inches.


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Whatever it is, it's not likely to be a neural spine as marked on the mastodon skeleton. The preserved end appears to show a long bone articulation. Maybe a tibia.

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I agree with Carl.  Look at the end of the bone... see how it has at least on hollow cup shape.  The end of a neural spine would have more of a bulbous end.  This is either a tibia or an radius.  Mammoth or mastodon is a good guess, although we have no idea how big the bone is.   Nice find.


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