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ID Help with Tiny Matoaka Shark Tooth


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Hi all,


I went out to Matoaka Beach (Miocene, Choptank Formation) on June 6th. Nice weather, not terribly productive on finds, but I did find this very small tooth that had the crown poking out of the sand. The root is very thick and the crown is very narrow and straight which for me rules out Carcharhinus/grey sharks, thresher sharks, any tiger shark, hammerhead, and I don't think it resembles a lemon shark either. I'm thinking possibly a very young/tiny C. hastalis, but I'd like to defer to the more experienced out there.


Thanks for the help!

matoaka tooth 6.jpg

matoaka tooth 2.jpg

matoaka tooth 4.jpg

matoaka tooth 5.jpg

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It looks like a Isurus retroflexus to me

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I'm not seeing the enamel ledge/shelf on the labial side that most retroflexus have.  Are you able to take a closer picture of that side? 


I could see it being a hastalis, but I've been wrong a few times when it comes to Isurus vs. C. hastalis.  The hastalis here rarely have roots, so I'm still not familiar with what the roots typically look like. :heartylaugh:

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Fin Lover

image.png.e69a5608098eeb4cd7d1fc5feb4dad1e.png image.png.e6c66193c1b85b1b775526eb958f72df.png image.png.65903ff624a908a6c80f4d36d6ff8260.png


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My vote is hastalis.. I have found several in the same formations that are similar

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Mini hastalis, I agree

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