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Unknown Stuff From Creek In Austin, TX


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Hi All

First time poster here on TFF.  Undergraduate degree in Geology.  Fairly good with invertebrates. 


Took the young grand kids fossil hunting on Shoal Creek last weekend in Austin.  Found all the Ram's Horn stuff and they were excited. 

Then I found a couple of things that I couldn't identify.  Pictures are attached. 


My daughter is a nurse and she said the larger one looked like some type of bone, which is what i thought. 

The smaller one may be just a cool looking rock but it does have a definite triangular shape. 

At first I thought it was a tooth of some type but I'm not sure. 


Any help in IDing would be greatly appreciated.




Image (1).jpeg

Image (2).jpeg

Image (3).jpeg





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Sorry, but these look like rocks, to me. :unsure:


Not seeing bone texture, or enamel, root texture or tooth or bone morphology.

Wait for other opinions, though.


@Brandy Cole  @JohnJ

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Teeth will have enamel. Just rocks I'm afraid.

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Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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The first piece is definitely rock, maybe with a little shell inclusion. 


The shape on the second piece is suggestive, but the texture looks like rock to me on that one as well. 



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I agree with Brandy's assessment.

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