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Meet Bertha, my new stereo microscope

Alex S.

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Hey everybody I thought I'd introduce you all to my new microscope lovingly named Bertha for the 40 pound base it is on. It is a Nikon smz-2B 






I am thrilled 2 were being sold locally on Facebook and and I managed to snag one for a veritable steal. I really debated buying both but I couldn't justify it. It was used in an old high school classroom for 20 years but is in remarkable shape I just had to clean gunk off it. It has 10x eye pieces and a 0.8:5 zoom making it 8x to 50x if I'm doing my math right. It has a working distance of 77.5mm. I bought a mountable light ring that's coming in the mail tomorrow and am looking for a Barlow lens. I was thinking a 0.3x super wide field Barlow lens to buy would love to hear any opinions on the matter. Once I get the light I'll update this post.

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Thank you! I've begun searching through some of my Hell Creek micro matrix and have found some interesting stuff so far 

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Thanks @jpc! Do you have any recommendations for what Barlow lens to get? I.e. 0.3x, 0.5x etc.

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