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New Light on the Extinction of the Wooly Rhinoceros


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Solving an Eons-Old Mystery: Paleontologists
Shed New Light on the Extinction of the Wooly
Rhinoceros, University Of Adelaide, June 13, 2024


The paywalled paper is:


Fordham, D.A., Brown, S.C., Canteri, E., Austin, J.J.,

Lomolino, M.V., Haythorne, S., Armstrong, E.,

Bocherens, H., Manica, A., Rey-Iglesia, A. and

Rahbek, C., 2024. 52,000 years of woolly

rhinoceros population dynamics reveal extinction

mechanisms. Proceedings of the National Academy

of Sciences, 121(24), no. e2316419121.




Paul H.

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