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Fossiliferous Limestone with possible animal?


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I found these in NorthEast Iowa Fayette County, so that is the Paleozoic era ( I can't download the NorthEast Iowa fossil guide for whatever reason)


They are certainly broken.


The first one appears split in half.


Makes it looks like a turtle or dinosaur lol.


The second fossil starts on picture 11.


The bottom looks the same and sides are covered in what appears to be moss work.


Both limestone/chert and same area, not but yards away probably on a different day.


Fayette County Iowa.



I have a couple fossils and I can't figure it out.


Probably just fossiliferous Limestone type, but I'm very unversed in fossils.


It looks like something is coming through both of them.


One shows what looks like skeletal structure.


I need to clean them as they are hard to see.


The first one shows the holes as a coral the second one shows more of silicified bones or skeleton ( it's probably not , I am seriously clueless lol)


Please and thank you for your help as I have no where else to reach out.



























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The third photo down looks like it may be tabulate coral. That's about the only indication of fossils that I can see. 

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Some comments that will help you in the future :

- too many photos to identify at once, this discourages,

- please number each photo to help us answer,

- it is always more convenient to put the corresponding comments under or above each photo, instead of putting them all at the beginning, because you have to count the photos (not numbered) to know what you are talking about. We don’t know how many pieces are displayed.


For me I see nothing fossils, only hard rock (probably siliceous).



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Fayette County is mostly Ordovician and Devonian rock. So the likelihood of bony structures, be it turtle, other reptiles, or dinosaur, is nil. I personally see no fossils in most of the photos. One MAY contain coral, but even there, it may still be geological.

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This is definitely a tabulate coral. Something like Favosites sp.  perhaps.





However, that is the only fossil I see, in all of the pictures.

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Thanks for your replys and advice!


I will certainly began to number them and be more organized.


I'm going to remake another post with less pictures, numbered, and spin the specimen accordingly so it is easier to see.


As this is so terribly organized it's hard to tell what you are looking at.


There is only 2 pieces and Starting on the Thirteenth photo from the top is the beginning of all of the second specimen images.

-* ( you will see the background change)


So starting from the top

- The first 12 photos are the 1st piece and the remaining photos are the second piece.


The sides of the second one almost look mossy and I wonder if it's just rock what it is as well. was covering all around it ,but a the front and back.

The grey part sticking out appears to be different material.


These aren't good pictures and it's very confusing.


I agree The 1st one is definitely a coral. There is about 4 tubes I can see ,but only can be seen on the photo.


The blades are strange, it does appear to be cut in half ,but filthy and cleaning maaaay show more. I have no idea I've never done it.


**I found an image of a coral fossil with that structure on picture #3, but not in Iowa so it still sort of confuses me on what exactly species the coral is.


Look for my repost if you have time



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