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Is this Coltraneia effelesa or C. oufatenensis?


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Is this C. effelesa or C. oufatenensis?
I think It looks like C. effelesa  In  [Chatterton, B.D.E., Fortey, R.A., Brett, K.D., Gibb, S.L., McKellar, R.C. 2006],

but in internet someone says it is C. oufatenensis.

What is it?



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You can easily determine the correct ID with the specimen in hand. mail?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmail.yimg.com%2Fok%2Fu%2Fassets%2Fimg%2Femoticons%2Femo71.gif&t=1718901886&ymreqid=23281213-8dc1-3cff-1cbc-ac0051014300&sig=FH0h_bqGRdFVsAowGPXvTw--~D


Coltraneia oufatenesis has 39 eye lens files.  Coltraneia effelesa has 36.


Here is the full diagnosis for Coltraneia oufatenesis from Morzadec 2001.




Morzadec , P. 2001

Les Trilobites Asteropyginae du Dévonien de l'Anti-Atlas (Maroc).

[Asteropyginae Trilobites from the Devonian of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco).]

Palaeontographica Abteilung A, 262(1-3):53-85

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