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Bone of what?


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What is this? I found it 4 decades ago on a hike through the Oldman River Valley in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 



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It looks like dinosaur bone to me. Based on its size, it should be a limb bone of some sort. Since you were in Lethbridge, I'm pretty sure that means it was wither found in the Dinosaur Park formation, the Bearpaw formation, or the St. Mary River formation. I think we can rule out the bearpaw formation, since I do not know of bones that colour and size coming from the bearpaw fm. I think it would be safest to bet it eroded out the dinosaur park formation, in which case it would probably be a hadrosaur bone. There is a probability it is a ceratopsian bone, but I don't see that texture. That I what I think, but I'm still relatively new to this so please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes!

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