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Mazon creek blob ID


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I have some old nodules I am going through from a box, I busted this one open I am still learning the fossils inside. Is this one a blob of mineral formation or something else? My tape is being held up elsewhere so used different currency for ref. 



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Looks like mineral staining, not fossil, to me. Wait for some other opinions, though, as I have little experience with these nodules.


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I see two or three bits of organic material but can't tell if it is plant or other debris. Nothing here that is identifiable.


How are you "busting them open"? Are you hammering or freeze/thawing? This may not have split in the layer that contains the fossil (if there's one present) and it may be worth freeze/thawing the thicker portion a couple of dozen more times to see if it splits in a different layer. Close examination of the edges may help you to determine if there is an obvious additional layer that may hold a fossil. From the looks of this specimen in the photo you provided it appears that there may indeed be more layers to check.

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