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I started fossil hunting again (devonian fossils in western NY)


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I took a very, very extended break from fossil/rock hunting (2-3 years) because I became quite enamored with bottle digging/antiquing. I found many an antique bottle and awesome antique piece for super cheap, but eventually I heard the rocks calling my name and so I'm back at it again. Here's the best stuff from this year so far.

A silicified favosites fossil...




A big chunky limestone piece with fragments of horn corals, brachiopoids and some syringoporas...



A rock someone on that "what's this rock?" Reddit told me was an Encrinite (I don't know, I don't think it's made of crinoid fossils...)




a couple chain coral fossils, one as part of a river rock, another not....


My girlfriend found this rock full of syringoporas (and the above chain coral on the left)


and the best find, a favosites that had a vug inside.


My spot is kind of depleted after my taking a half dozen trips down there so far. This might be the entirety of my finds this year haha. I could always go down there and grab more

palm-sized favosites. There's so many of those down there I stopped picking them up. Thanks for clicking :)

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