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A Piece Of Snakewood And A Couple Cores From Cs


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Well we had a "snow day" yesterday and what do ya know, it actually snowed! Weird right? You would think it was Alaska here or something--on Wednesday, it was in the 70's and HELLO, now it's 20 degrees!!! Or rather it was yesterday---today it's in the 60's. That's Texas for you, one day you're freezing your rear off and the next, you're sweating it off.

Anyways, though I've been down with a cold lately, I decided that I was overdue for a trip to my favorite petrified wood site. The creek had a very thick sheet of ice over it--an inch or two I guess--that really made sloshing through the creek a chore. Though in some places, it was frozen so well that you could practically walk on it!

Most everything had been cleared out recently by MikeD, Oh-Man and myself, but I decided to check the creek bank thoroughly to see if anything had recently eroded out.

To my amazement, I did find a couple cores sticking out of the bank and even a piece of snakewood at "snakewood bend" as I would now like to call it.

This piece of snakewood is pretty beat up, but still has very nice structural preservation and after all, it is a rare petrified wood species. It is 2 1/2"Lx3/4"Hx1"W





Here's a 11"Lx3"Wx2"H Core that tapers to one end:



Here's the small 2"Lx2"Wx1 1/2"H core:




It was worth it overall, but you certainly won't catch me out in the cold again. I couldn't feel my hands or toes by the time I was out of there! :D

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Great finds! :D

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Alfred North Whithead

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Cool finds Chase! I cut and polished the ends of two of the pieces I found last trip, but my camera is out of battery power so pix will have to follow.

What is geology? "Rocks for Jocks!"

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