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As the title says I'm brand new to the world of fossils. A newly discovered fascination for all things ancient has me on a quest to start a collection. What drew me in was that pesky keichousaurus...I know I know. I've been doing my homework and it's somewhat dissapointing. I just love the full profile and a complete or nearly complete specimen. Any suggestions or recommendations on reputable dealers?

-also, I work in healthcare and have unlimited access to an X-ray and CT machine. Am I right in assuming this will be a great help?

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Just wanna say welcome from Australia!

Some reputable dealers- Indiana9fossils, Arizona Skies Meteorites, Paleo Direct (very expensive), Fossil Grove, Two Guys Fossils, The Dinosaur Store

Yes you are right to assume that, although a i think a real scientist would get the full benefit from it lol.

"In Africa, one can't help becoming caught up in the spine-chilling excitement of the hunt. Perhaps, it has something to do with a memory of a time gone by, when we were the prey, and our nights were filled with darkness..."

-Eternal Enemies: Lions And Hyenas

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Welcome to TFF from Washington.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
-Albert Einstein


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