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Hello From France


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New/old enthousiast who caught the virus again with the eldest kid after a short break of ...15 years.

Already active on french forums, so some of you might know me from there , occasionnaly on german forum.

So now out of lurking mode here also :)

Mainly interested in ammonites from the south east of France , occasionally the Normandy coast .

That's to say , when I can find a hole in the family planning ( not often enough ...) .

Very pleased to join the forum and get the opportunity to admire all these wonders !.

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15 years out of 600 million is just the blink of an eye!

Welcome to the Forum :)

"There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about." - Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” - Thomas Henry Huxley

>Paleontology is an evolving science.

>May your wonders never cease!

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Welcome from Washington!

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
-Albert Einstein


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hello welcome from south east of France

J collecting only fossils since 30 years old,ammonites,heteromorphe ammonite,crabs,fish trilobit, sea urshins, mammals, etc...J am married . Sorry for my enghish

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Hello France (and all others)... haven't done this site before (registered a long time ago). However I find that my fossil OBSESSION has grown and I have about 200 people helping with my journey. Have many items I cannot identify (from the waters of FL, USA) and look forward to many friendships and discoveries along the way... (John... aka/ THESHARKTOOTHGUY (on Facebook)).

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