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Who Is Hanging Out In The Middle?


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I am just beginning to get some more photos taken and uploaded. 2 of the items in this set have been identified, but I have no idea what the guy in the middle is. I don't even know for sure if it is a fossil, though it is quite unlike any other rock Ive come across... I have had problems w sizing my photos so that they are easily visible, but i think i might have figured it out. Please tell me if the pictures are still inadequate. I look forward to hearing from ya'll!

Oops, I just realized that the guy in the middle is different in these 2 pics... I am referring to the guy in the middle of the first picture.



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It looks like a piece of fossil bone, no idea from what as I don't know the geology of the area.

I just realized that I really didn't give much information about these finds. I can only stake a claim on the small one, it was one of my finds. The tooth was given to my dad by one of his close friends who found it in or around Waurika, OK. I believe the item in question was one of my dads finds, but i would need to confirm that w him to be completely certain and i can't reach him at this moment. So either way each of these items were discovered in the southern-most part of central Oklahoma along the Red River border. Now that is generally speaking, as none of these items were actually found on the Red River. Just the surrounding area.

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It has all the hallmarks of a water-worn piece of bone, but beyond that, it may be beyond the point where an autopsy would yield any useful results.

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DittO :)

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No trees were killed in this posting......however, many innocent electrons were diverted from where they originally intended to go.

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Well that is good enough for me. I felt reasonably certain that it wasn't a rock, and even presumed it to be a bone or something else of biological origin. I have an AMAZING fully fossilized bison skull, though the skull itself is not entire. It is beautiful!! It is actually my dads, and he has found several over the years by walking dry creek beds during times of drought. Specifically, Beaver Creek that runs through Jefferson Co, Ok, only to flow to and thus end at the Red River just south of Ryan. I believe that he found 6 in one summer a few years back. But although some of the others are entirely complete, none are, in my opinion, as beautiful as that first one he found MANY years ago, heavy and stone-like, albeit partially incomplete. I'll get some of those posted soon too. The act of uploading photos and sizing them is still a task i am trying to perfect and simplify.

So thanks for taking time to offer your much valued thoughts on the items i've inquired about thus far! This forum is full of kind and knowledegable people whom I look forward to learning more about. Have a great day!!

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