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Okay, so it might be a good idea to follow up with what I've learned about this specimen.

I was able to compare the tooth to a 1.5" (straight line) Albertosaurus tooth. The cross section at the bottom of the enamel on both teeth is practically identical. The records state the tooth in question was a Dromaeosaurus albertensis tooth. The only large predators alive during the time (as far as I can tell) were Daspletosaurus and Gorgosaurus. Comparing teeth online shows this tooth has more of a Gorgosaurus "feel" to it.

So, with all the assumptions we have made, I'm going with Gorgosaurus. It's still an educated guess at best, but that's about as good as it gets.

Attached is a file I found online. I haven't had time to read it, but it might shine a bit more light on this and help other collectors. Maybe the raptor collectors out there should start looking through their collections to see if anything cool pops up.

Below is the cross-sectional comparison of the smaller tooth vs the supposed Albertosaurus tooth. As luck would have it, the cross-section is also shared with a Tyrannosaurus tooth, of which I could not get a cross-section photo, thanks to the blade and root of the tooth getting in the way. The moroccan Dromaeosaurid tooth (also not pictured) is somewhat similar, but maybe half the thickness, with less-offset serrations.

I also looked into the "serrations per cm" thing. There is some overlap on serr./cm, and a smaller tooth will cram more serrations into a cm, so that doesn't seem to be a user-friendly method.

Theropod dental morphology 2005.pdf


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How to tell the difference between t-rex and dromaeosaur teeth:

Tyrannosaurus' teeth are theoretically designed for crushing bone; not slicing. Dromaeosaurs in the other hand are raptors, and their teeth are for slicing meat. (Another scientific theory). These are real theories, my one is just quick made up one, may not be true ;)


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