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Just Found Need Help Id's


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I just found these items in Manatee County FL. Close to peace River Valley. Items found at site of digging of pond in Cow pasture.

Some sxhark teeth. Looks like petrified log. 2 small items look like petrified nut but not like acorns. Big bone look like rib bones.

Larger look like joints like knee or elbow. post-10050-0-77776100-1348337800_thumb.jpgpost-10050-0-49476000-1348337806_thumb.jpgpost-10050-0-04654700-1348337815_thumb.jpgpost-10050-0-71628500-1348337824_thumb.gif

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Your nut like things are possible otoliths and pic 4 looks like maybe vert has bony look on closeup view...I suspect all are whale bone unless the small ones have dense areas at the breaks...Tarheel

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