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Bald Eagles


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Let me start by saying this post has nothing to do with fossils. I live two blocks from a large bay that has an amazing diversity of wildlife from black bears to eagles. Yesterday as we left the house to do a little shopping, noticed two bald eagles circling the water looking for a nice fish. I first thought they were buzzards until I saw their white heads and tails. I was amazed at how little effort they used to circle and hunt the water below. What happend next was an exercise in territoral preservation. A osprey which in it's on right isn't a small bird showed up to hunt the same area and was quickly challenged by the eagles. The eagles would dive and fly close to the side of the osprey indicating that it's presence wouldn't be tollerated. It was almost like watching slow moving World War I fighters in a dogfight. Finally the osprey decided the outcome wasn't in it's favor and retired to a different part of the bay. This is a good reason to always carry a camera, which I didn't, this would have been an awesome picture to share, I regret not being able to capture it.---Tom

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A pic or two would have been great, but in lieu of pics... I like hearing the story, Tom!

Having seen both ospreys and bald eagles, I can just picture the action playing out in my head. :)

Thanks for the nature break.



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These two raptors steal each others catches all the time; when one-on-one, the Osprey usually prevails.

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We were floating on the Kansas River over Labor Day weekend. I heard a terrible commotion around the upcoming bend. When we got there, we saw a bald eagle terrorizing a great blue heron. The heron was non too pleased and was letting everyone know about it. That was a lot of bird in one place!

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My sister lives in far northern minnesota. The bald eagles are everywhere. I never realized how big they get until I got to see a large number of these incredible birds. If you look up the maximum size on the internet, supposededly they can be up to three feet tall with a nearly eight foot wingspan. That's a mighty big bird

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