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Greeting From South Florida


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I am intersted in fossil hunting anywhere in Florida, but particularly the Peace River & Loxahatchee river and offshore east coast, where I have found mastadon and camel and horse teeth. Any and all advice is welcome for this "newbie."


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Welcome to the Forum. :)



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Welcome aboard :)

We have a strong contingent of members in your neck of the woods; they'll be along soon.

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Welcome from Washington!

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Wow!!! -- Peace River is where I now hunt but I used to live 4 miles from Loxahatchee and caught sails 1/4 mile off Hillsboro Inlet. The Peace River is a long car ride from Boca Raton.

Tom, nothing will help you as much as experience and knowledge, if not your own , then borrow others until you get time to develop some.

1) Join a Fossil club -- If you do not do this, you are not serious. One on the east coast if possible but the west coast will do -- especially the 2 fossil clubs closest to the Peace River -- Southwest Fossil Club, and FCOLC. FCOLC has a trip to the Vulcan Mine on Jan 10th, and to the Peace River on Jan 17th -- If you join NOW, you could go on both trips..http://www.fcolc.com The monthly newsletter is worth the yearly dues.

2) Pay the bucks and go on a survey trip to the Peace with Fred Mazza or Mark Renz. Look their names up on the Internet, Pay attention to everything they do, say, take you.

3) Find a fossil partner to share the experience and expenses with knowledge a little ahead of yours.

This is the exact path that I took starting in March 2009. Good hunting and see you on the River. SS

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Welcome from a fellow Floridian. I have never searched on the Loxahatchee, but we have been out on the Peace River several times. Joining a club is a great way to go. We joined a club and found out about trips and started to go on them. There is a wealth of knowledge from veteran fossilers that will help you to get started. Reading a book or online info can only get you so far, personal experience is the best way to go. Good luck hunting!

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