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N. Central Texas Sends Love! Heart Shaped Fossil?


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My two-year old found this beauty today on our fossil hunt in this glorious spring weather. Cretaceous...not sure what formation.

She fell asleep holding it in her hand so hopefully you won't need any more pictures tonight. :)

I'm thinking it is another shell...possibly with both halves still together?

Thank you!



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Mansfield, our backyard is on Walnut Creek...whenever we get a hard rain the creek flows fast and the next day all sorts of things appear. :)

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Oh ok then maybe woodbine or eagle ford? And I'm jealous, I want a creek in my backyard. Then I could be the one running off fossil hunters with a shotgun instead of the other way around. I hate when that happens, just ruins the whole day.

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Here is a lovely little heart shaped fossil that I put into a locket for a fossil friend for his wife.

A special love note was in the other side.

Bev :)

Edited by Bev

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My guess would be an internal cast of a Protocardia.

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