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Haile Quarry Sinkhole


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These were some finds from Haile quarry from a field trip years ago. These bones are from a Pleistocene sinkhole that had been uncovered as a result of mining.

I believe this is sloth material, the bone is severely arthritic. Very old animal that was in a lot of pain. The ruler is 6 inches.



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The only bone I am confident on, large piece of shell from a land tortoise. Any one have knowledge on the tortoises from Haile?



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I forgot to add some important information. Haile Quarry is located in Alachua County, Florida. Some other species found in close proximity to these three finds were Arctodus and other small reptiles, bird, and cranial elements from a raccoon sized mammal. If any one can add their expertise to these finds I would appreciate it, I have only had vague IDs since they were found.

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